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Hamfest 2020 Reservation Form

All fields below are required except those marked with [*]. For example, the second address line is optional. Once you have everything filled in click on the "Submit Reservation" button below.

If you prefer a printed form you can click here for a downloadable form to print out and mail in. Additional Vendor information is available HERE.


Company [*] 

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Tables (see below for pricing)

Tickets ($6 each)
- Minimum of 1

Additional chairs ($2 each)

Electric Required?

Special Needs [*]

Tables prices are:First 2 tables (one chair each included) $18 each
Additional tables$15 each

Please call ?? at 234-206-0270 (Akron) for pricing on 10 or more tables.

A Chair is provided for each of the first 2 tables. Additional chairs may be available on the day of the hamfest subject to availbility. To insure availability, request extra chairs with your reservation. You can of course bring extra chairs of your own.

Almost anything goes as far as what you offer for sale although the focus is on Ham Radio, Electronics and Computer related items. No weapons, adult material or food may be offered for sale.

Your table reservation is not complete until your payment is received. Paid table reservations can request specific locations with preference given to prior year vendors. Unpaid reservations may be resold if not paid for by 7:30 the day of the Hamfest.

A letter confirming your reservation will be mailed to you if we receive your reservation before April 6. Your ticket(s) will be held for you at vendor check in.

Make checks payable to:

and send to:

Cuyahoga Falls Amateur Radio Club, Inc. (or "CFARC")

Cuyahoga Falls Amateur Radio Club, Inc.
c/o ??, ??
PO Box 614
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44222-0614